The Positive Effects of Crying

Each one of us has every reason to cry. It could be due to an end of a friendship or a close relationship, frustration at work, or even when we are happy. However, after shedding a lot of tears, we do not realize its positive effects in our vulnerable psyche.

Crying does not only cleanse us mentally but also sanitize our body because toxic substances produced by stress are released and help our body get rid of chemicals that raise our stress hormone.

Tears can elevate our mood better than any antidepressant available since it has a self-soothing effect. The shedding of tears improved the mood of criers rather than made us feel worse. Individuals with anxiety or mood swing disorders are less likely to experience the positive effects of crying.

Cry gives us relief, despite our circumstances. Crying is known to release stress hormones or toxins from the body; thereby, reducing tension. In fact, according to a study, crying is a healthy alternative compared to stuffing our feelings which can lead to physical health problems like headaches or high blood pressure. Crying is a safe and effective way to deal with stress and provides an emotional release of pent-up negative feelings and frustrations.

Crying can show what words cannot express, especially in a relationship. For example in a potential relationship that has not yet even started but already ended. This is mostly seen when a person is having a different reaction to a situation that isn’t transparent until tears begin to show.

Crying can annihilate an argument, emphasize a point not gotten across in words, or simply indicate the importance of the feelings behind the unspoken words.Crying also have a psychological benefit especially in terms of lifting our mood and helping us to deal with painful situations.

Intense crying is generally felt to be good for us in the sense that it exposes and expresses our deep emotions, which means they can then be dealt with. However, frequent crying is not always good for us because it can be a sign of a more serious condition such as depression, post-traumatic stress disorder and postnatal depression.

Emotional or stress-related crying help us through difficult times in a number of ways. Psychologically, it gives our feelings a good outlet and is thought to be a healthy stimulant.

Amazingly, however but crying can heal us not only emotionally; but also psychologically.

This article is about the benefits of crying which is sometimes thought of as a weakness but not really because it helps us gain back our balance.