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Tips for Opening a Mobile Bar

If you are a person with a flair for creative beverages, and loves bartending and like traveling across the country to different occasions, becoming a bar owner may be a great idea for you. You can bring along a few family members or friends and open up a mobile bar. Read on to get ideas o how you can open up a mobile bar.

You must practice making all of the classic cocktails. You might end up trying various cocktails at the weekend, but you sure wouldn’t mind having a few tipples in the name of science.

Make sure that you work on your method and beverage design to make the drinks look great when being served, and also play around with non alcoholic cocktails for those who don’t drink.

Get an Alcohol License
In order to be licensed to sell alcohol to people on the road, you need to get a permit from the appropriate authorities. You can apply for permit from the alcoholic beverage commission to be allowed to sell your drinks. Aso, you will need to take a training course in drinks and bartending.

Business License
Once you have attained the alcohol license, you need to be licensed to sell. Ensure that you obtain a permit from your state which allows you to function as a business on the road. You need to have a company name, identification number, and tax permit.

Strategize Your Business
Once you have got all the legal stuff out of the way, you need to start looking into where you want to market, the type of drinks on your specials menu, and how much you will charge for each drink. Come up with a list of all the cocktails you can make and look to other similar companies as inspiration when you set your prices. Ensure that you arrange events to attend and but in enough stock of alcohol for a day’s work.

The Payment
Make a decision on how you wish to be paid. When it comes to events, the simplest way of accepting payments would be through cash.
However, many people nowadays carry a card around with them so it would be useful if you had a card machine.

Insurance Cover
The fact that you are now an operating business, you will be carrying around your money, business assets including employees, equipment, and drinks. To ensure that you are safe and protected while on the road, you must take up a business insurance. This will cost you a few hundred dollars each year, but in the long term it could save you thousands if anything ever happens to you.

The best way to get noticed and make sure that you are the pick of the draw for events is to find event planners and make friends with them. Tell them about the services you offer, give them a sample to try and make sure you are open and friendly.

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