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Which is the Best Pet, a Cat or a Dog?

Choosing between having a dog or cat can be a difficult thing. For a long time already, people have been into a debate as to which is a better pet- a cat or a dog? To guide you with your decision, here are few things you have to know between a cat and a dog.

– Pets need attention from the owners. Unlike the cats, dogs require more attention from its owner. Dogs want you to spend time and play with them. And this may something heavy for you if you spend only few hours at home because of work. On the other hand, cats can enjoy the day even without playing with you. It is very easy for dogs to be distressed when they don’t see you even for few hours. There is no way you let a day pass without walking or playing with your dog, regardless of your schedule. If you know that you’re very busy, pick a cat instead of a dog.

– If you have a dog or cat, you have to prepare yourself for possible fleas. If you’re located in rural, then your dog can get infested with fleas from the field or long grass. Good thing, Pet-Lock can help you eliminate the problem. However, things can be different when you’re in the city where grasses are usually trimmed. Cats, on the other hand, get fleas when they stray around the city and meet street cats.

– If your work requires you to travel often, having a dog can be quite burdensome. As mentioned earlier, they need you to take them on their regular walks or routine. You might need someone to do it for you or send them to a kennel. With enough food, cats can live at home even when you travel for few days. It is very clear, the you get less worry and expenses with cats than dogs.

– One of the major reasons why people choose dogs over cats is the safety. They can scare any unwanted guests who tries to break in your house. Cats may not be the perfect choice when it comes to keeping your home safe from burglar. Their little noise wouldn’t just keep your house safe and secure.

The following things mentioned above are just few facts regarding a dog and a cat. But the best pet will always depend on your choice. And before you decide, gather as much information as you can about each option.