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Some Of The Best Beach Getaways

The beach is a perfect getaway from all the hustle and bustle in the city. You can bask away, with your feet beneath the sand as the wind pats away. Everyone prefers their own thing when it comes to getaways, we have the partygoers who go to the beach during the day and have a nightlife in the evening and those who prefer beach life and enjoying the scenery throughout the day and night. There is a beach destination for everyone and I have some of the best covered for you.

Myrtle beach in South Carolina is a secret getaway. It’s right under peoples noses, it almost feels like you are on an adventure in an island. As you walk by you find Southern styled shops where you can buy gifts and souvenirs to restaurants you can cozy on as you plan out what you’ll indulge in next. There are beautiful resorts such as the Waters Edge Resorts in the Garden City which boast beautiful sandy beaches.

The Caribbean hosts some of the smaller islands, that is, the Guadalupe and Martinique. Since they are French territory they mix up the best of Europe with the best of Caribbean.

Guadalupe is underdeveloped giving the island a dark yet enchanting feel to it. It has a naturally rough shaped landscape. It, however, lends itself to amazing beaches, greenery and mountains.

Martinique is a hot spot for tourism. It has a museum as well as a day market in St.Pierre. It also helps that the Norwegian air offers flights to this island for a low price making it accessible and a relatively inexpensive destination to visit.

No matter what island you choose you will be exposed to the Oceanside and most of the days you will spend immersed in the French culture. All this advantages without really going to Europe make it a worthy getaway.

The Philippine has over 7,000 islands, with this many everyone has an island. The ones most visited include Palawan, Aklan, Palaui and Cebu.

The Palawan islands have a lot of experiences. It has a lot of natural exploration areas, prehistoric caves, underwater limestone plateaus, lagoons and over 50 species of coral.

Aklan has a city Boracay which is one of the most visited areas by tourists. It has more than four kilometers of white sandy beaches . The light from restaurants and sidebars bounces off the beach making them twinkle

Palaui is the introverts dream getaway, it offers zero resorts or hotels, making you closer to your relaxation than ever. You can thus camp on the beach or coachsurf with a local.

In Cebu you can still indulge in current activities while relaxing. There are guided expeditions, and you can swim with whale sharks, sea turtles, manta rays and dolphins as you explore both the island and the deep ocean.

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