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Factors to Consider Before Deciding which Crops to Grow in your Survival Garden

For any person to survive in this world, he/she is supposed to have proper planning and the way he/she makes decisions. The current life requires the individuals who are determined and knows the techniques for survival and they have the essential crops which they have grown and can enable them live for a certain period. It is not that easy for you to be in a position to live and survive at the same time with your family if you don’t have a place which is yielding for you some produces. However, even though some have this survival gardens, but they have no idea of which crops specifically they need to grow in this fields for them to be able to survive when times of need comes. However, for you to be in a good position to understand very well the factors to put in mind before growing crops in your home garden, the below article clearly gives a suitable guide.

The nutrients which the plants you have grown brings to you matters a lot. Crops which result to energy, minerals and vitamins when consumed are very essential and can play a bigger part to your body and that is why you need to keep in mind the nutritional values the plants you have grown have. Therefore, the calorie and nutritional value of the crops planted in any survival garden need to be checked first for better balancing.

Secondly, ease of growth is another factor. Crops which take les s time to mature are very important and so depending on the type of soil your garden has, you need to select very well the right crops to grow for your survival. Crops which take less time to mature are very good and help you survive most of the times even if disasters arise.

Where you will store and preserve the yields you have harvested is another factor. Most of the plants grown for survival are perishable and mostly they are known to have limited shelf life and that is why proper planning is needed. Storage facilities you have dedicated for all the crops you have grown in your garden need to be good so that your produce don’t get wasted.

Finally, yielding capabilities is also another useful factor to consider. Choosing crops which at the time of harvest they give out a bountiful harvest is very important and you and your family can survive. To wind up, the above article gives some of the various factors you should put into consideration before deciding on planting on your garden.
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